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Motorcycle Pet Carrier that Doesn’t Treat Your Small Dog like Luggage

Man kneels beside BMW adventure motorcycle with rigid frame small dog motorcycle dog carrier mounted to the luggage rack

The Nano Cockpit includes all the advanced features and customization of our large motorcycle pet carrier in a compact, stylish, and universal mounting platform


Have you noticed how most motorcycle dog carriers for small dogs look like airline luggage?

They feature plenty of zippered pockets and some even come with food and water bowls. But, when you consider the form and function of these carriers, it’s hard not to conclude that they are designed to carry luggage, not dogs.

The Nano Cockpit is a premier motorcycle dog carrier that is designed specifically for riding with a small dog. We don’t lose our focus on quirky features like a food bowl pocket. Instead, we designed the Nano to enhance the comfort, safety, and enjoyment of your dog. We designed it for superior performance – from the perspective of your dog.

Front side view of a rigid framed small dog motorcycle dog carrier with padding and seat cushion


Rigid Construction with a Soft, Cushioned Interior…Just like a Motorcycle Helmet


The Nano Cockpit is constructed around a tubular metal frame to provide rigid impact protection against external hazards. The internal structure is rigid but the carrier’s exterior is extremely well-padded so that all hard parts are covered. This approach delivers maximal protection to your dog against shocks, jolts, and sudden changes in lean angle and momentum.

This combination of rigid structure and soft, padded interior is a well-established safety technique. It forms the basis for the motorcycle helmet, which protects your head from the pavement without transferring the concussive shock to your cranium.

Closeup of plush cushions and padding around rigid metal frame of motorcycle dog carrier


Laying Down Position for a Safer Ride


Still on the topic of safety, we worry most about injuries caused by an external shock. However, a riding injury is more likely to occur in an unpadded carrier when your dog slams against the sidewalls or edges.

Neither dogs nor humans are particularly adept at balancing in leaning turns and sudden stops. That’s why we ride sitting down with our legs hugging the saddle.

Since your dog can’t hug the saddle, you want them to ride in the laying down position. This way, there’s no balance for them to lose. The result is that they are more relaxed and less effected by the dynamic motion of riding.

If they do slide in a particularly hard lean or sudden stop, their shoulders and torso will quickly brace against the Nano’s padded frame. This is much safer than their head and neck being thrown from one side of an unpadded carrier to the other and smashing into the sidewall.

Man sits on motorcycle beside Chihuahua in a motorcycle dog carrier on the back


More Relaxed and Better Focused for More Riding Enjoyment


It’s hard to argue against the safety benefit of having your dog ride in the laying down position. Still, some riders worry that their dog won’t enjoy the ride experience that way. After all laying down often leads to falling asleep.

Firstly, what better sign that your dog feels safe, comfortable, and stress-free during the ride than to catch them dozing off?

More importantly, laying down is the best way for dogs and humans alike to focus their attention. It allows us to relax our muscles, avoid straining and cramping, and focus on the stimuli around us.

In that light, doesn’t it make good sense that a military sniper would prefer to await their target in the laying position rather than sitting upright or standing for hours at a time?

Chihuahua in a padded motorcycle dog carrier on a white background


Welded Anchors to Secure Your Dog in the Laying Position


Unlike a trained sniper, your dog doesn’t know that laying down is safer or more comfortable. Instead, when they feel stimulated, their gut reaction is to stand up. Especially when the ground is moving beneath them, their instinct is to leap to all fours and struggle to keep their balance.

As informed, knowledgeable riders, this is where we come in to restrain them in the laying position. It’s very similar to how you would strap a baby into a car seat. For that reason, the Nano Cockpit features welded anchors at the front and rear corners.

Attach any straps of your choosing to these anchors and secure them to your dog’s K9 Moto Harness (sold separately) to comfortably restrain your dog in the laying position.

Side view of Chihuahua in a padded, rigid-frame motorcycle dog carrier with reflective tape


Universal Mounting System to Fit Most Motorcycle Makes and Models


At a compact 42cm long by 28cm wide and 10cm tall, the Nano Cockpit fits on just about any passenger seat or luggage rack. It also features a universal mounting system that is tastefully, concealed to onlookers and allows for simple personalization according to your specific needs and tastes.

Rigid, welded anchor bars run lengthwise along the interior sides of the Nano. Easily attach any type of straps or tethers that you prefer to the anchor bars. You can use:

  • Straps with side-release buckles
  • Webbing with plastic sliders
  • A lightweight ratchet system
  • Semi-elastic Rok Straps

Bottom view of rigid frame motorcycle dog carrier with anchor bars that create a universal mounting system

Then, just secure the other side to any of your motorcycle’s sturdy mounting features:

  • Luggage rack
  • Saddlebag rack
  • Sissy bar
  • Crash bar
  • Pillion pegs.

This universal mounting system makes the Nano Cockpit suitable for just about any make or model motorcycle. At the same time, it is entirely personalized and compromise-free just by purchasing your own straps separately.


Comfortable on the Motorcycle and at the Campsite


In addition to the padded frame, the Nano Cockpit includes a 2-inch foam seat cushion. This way, your dog rides in blissful comfort while the metal baseplates provide structural reinforcement.

Another, denser cushion pads the underside of the baseplates so that your motorcycle seat vinyl or fairing paint is completely protected from the Nano’s metal frame.

Closeup view of bottom cushioned platform of motorcycle dog carrier to protect motorcycle’s seat vinyl and paint

As an added benefit, the seat cushion is removable, which means you can use it as a travel bed at the campsite or in the motel room. Even better still, easily remove the entire unit and bring it in the tent. This way your dog feels safe, comfortable, and protected to get a good night’s sleep everywhere you travel together.

The Nano also features Scotch reflective tape along the frame’s exterior. This no-cost, optional extra accentuates the carrier’s stylish lines and brilliantly enhances visibility for safer riding in dark and low-visibility situations.

Motorcycle dog carrier beside the removable 2-inch seat cushion


With so many medium and large dogs out on the roads and living the dream in their K9 Moto Cockpit, we decided that small dogs shouldn’t miss out on the excitement. And, also that they need and deserve the same advanced design and safety features in a carrier as big dogs do.

That’s why we built all the key design principles from our large dog Cockpit carrier into a stylish, compact platform that easily mounts to just about any motorcycle. Choose the upholstery that best complements your motorcycle and even add personalized text along the sides to identify your furry Nano copilot.

So, you can easily secure it to your motorcycle with the straps you prefer and then get out there and share the thrill of the ride together with your furry Nano copilot!

Chihuahua lays in a padded, rigid-frame motorcycle dog carrier with harness secured to corner anchors


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