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The Small Crossbody Bag Holds Your Valuables Safe and Your Values Dear

Man places change purse and passport in waterproof minimalist crossbody bag

This small crossbody bag is for going far, light, and eco-sustainably with beautiful handwoven cotton, zipper pocket and waterproof interior.

Purses and small crossbody bags used to be considered too small for carrying anything valuable.

In fact, in Victorian England, they called a woman’s change purse a “ridicule”. Similarly, if a man only had a small, drawstring wallet, they assumed he only possessed a few coins for buying ale after work.

But, today things are a bit different. Instead, if you carry a small bag, it probably means that you value

  • What you do more than what you have
  • The freedom to see, experience, and explore
  • Living your life with a gentle eco-footprint

Man’s hand holds mini crossbody bag at his side

So, if that describes you, then the Woven Change Purse won’t seem ‘ridicule’ to you at all!


A Small Crossbody Bag for Those Who Value Ethical Fashion

The small crossbody bag’s striking exterior is made of richly textured, handwoven cotton. It is called meesh in Guatemalan where indigenous artisans have weaved it for many generations.

Handwoven fabric patterns in pink, purple, brown, green, blue, and red

The traditional weaver spins and colors the cotton thread with natural, plant-based dyes. Then, she weaves the thread into long bolts of durable fabric on a large wooden loom.

The entire process is performed as it has been for centuries and always from sustainable home workshops in rural communities.


A Minimalist Crossbody Bag for Those Who Value Simple Design

The Woven Crossbody Bag comes in four unique, colorful patterns:

Minimalist small crossbody bags in 4 unique color patterns

  • Wildflowers is a design that beautifully combines Wild Hyacinth purple with Bell Heather pink and midnight black.
  • Seascape brings together several shades of dark and bright blues like the ocean after a roiling thunderstorm.
  • Daybreak is an explosion of intense red between splashes of black and white – the three first colors when the sun rises on a new day.
  • Badlands weaves together a colorful variety of rustic hues in a wonderful blend natural landscapes.

The first three patterns are backed on solid black while the fourth goes its own way with a rich burgundy.


A Waterproof Crossbody Bag for Those Who Value Performance and Comfort

The Woven Crossbody Bag includes a large, zippered pocket on the side that faces your body. This provides easy access to a few cards or some cash. The main compartment features a unique roll-down closure that secures with Velcro.

Both sides of red and black small crossbody bag in handwoven cotton

The roll-down top works just to keep out moisture just like in waterproof duffle bags and stuff sacks. The crossbody bag features a lightweight, waterproof lining that includes flexible sealant over the seams and stitching. This creates a durable barrier to protect your valuables against spill drinks and sudden downpours.

The crossbody strap is made of ½ inch, sturdy nylon webbing because a flat strap is more comfortable over a long day than a cord or rope.  It also features a durable, plastic slide so you can adjust the length for exactly where and how you prefer to wear it.

Man’s hands open roll-down top of handwoven crossbody bag

The Woven Crossbody Bag is for hoofing it around town, through rivers, or across continents. Enjoy it on its own or pair it with the matching Woven Change Purse, which fits perfectly inside. The patterns also match our dog beds, bandanas, and poop bag holders. So, it’s a beautiful compliment to your dog’s gear as it demonstrates a value for ethical fashion, performance, and sustainability.

We hope you found this detailed gear breakdown helpful. Now, head over and check out our Gear Guide review video of the Accessories for You.

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