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Motorcycle Gear Bag for Your Furry K9 Copilot

German shepherd lays on mo-torcycle dog carrier with tail hav-ing over gear bag on the under-side

The K9 Moto TailBag mounts to the rear underside of your dog’s Cockpit to provide discrete storage for your dog’s essential gear


Space in your motorcycle luggage is always extremely limited. As a result, some moto travelers even cut the handle off their toothbrush.

While we’re not all prepared to go this extreme, we have to be very choosy about what we bring on rides. At least until they create saddlebags that are larger on the inside!

For those who ride with a pillion, their luggage space challenges are even greater. For we who ride with our furry K9 copilot on the back, we’re fortunate that dogs haver relatively few gear needs.

Still, bringing along kibble, treats, and a toy takes up valuable space in your motorcycle luggage.

That is unless you have outfitted your dog’s K9 Moto Cockpit with a K9 Moto TailBag!

Side bottom view of motorcycle gear bag for the underside of a motorcycle dog carrier


Your Dog’s Gear Bag Takes Abuse and Frees Up Space


This unique gear bag secures to the rear underside of your dog’s K9 Moto Cockpit motorcycle dog carrier. In this location, the TailBag provides storage space that is otherwise unavailable to the rider. In this position, it doesn’t compete with panniers or dry bags.

Suspended over the rear wheel hub, the TailBag takes all the dirt and rain abuse that your motorcycle’s rear tire can throw at it. Durable, waterproof nylon with a rugged, grippy texture forms a durable bag structure.

3D mesh inlaid in the top and a flexible plastic panel in the bottom reinforce the bag’s semi-rigid structure. The top interior features a mesh elastic pocket to improve on-road organization. Additionally, we reinforced the interior with smooth, durable vinyl. This enhancement improves rigidity and deliver even greater protection for your dog’s gear bag essentials.

Gear bag with zipper opening for storing gear on a motorcycle dog carrier


Your Dog’s Well-Concealed and Smartly Mounted Gear Bag


Installation is easy and the TailBag avoids the annoying dangle of straps and buckles. This improves the appearance of your motorcycle and Cockpit and avoids obstructing visibility to your taillight and license place.

Instead, the hidden strapping system is built into the top of the bag. It connects to the Cockpit’s baseplate, harness anchors, and crosswise bar with nylon webbing and simple plastic slides.

Closeup of webbing secured around anchor bar of motorcycle dog carrier to fasten gear bag luggage

Access to the contents is easy. A waterproof zipper runs the full length of rear curve to provide an ample opening and easy access to the bag’s contents.

Easy access is especially important if you use the TailBag to carry your dog’s SunShield and/or Rainfly. In extreme weather conditions, you want to avoid loosening and unstrapping tethers in order to access the contents.

Woman’s hands open a gear bag secured to the underside of a motorcycle dog carrier


Packs Big Storage into a Low-Profile Design


The TailBag has a low-profile, half-moon shape that manages to pack approx. 2L for the Standard and 1.5L for the Mini of storage space. At only 1 ½ inches tall, a mere ½ inches of that height is visible below the Cockpit’s rear cushioned tube.

The TailBag is minimally visible from its discrete location under the Cockpit. Nevertheless, when purchasing and installing, consider any potential obstruction of your taillight or license plate that might occur.

German shepherd lays on a mo-torcycle dog carrier with tail hanging down where luggage is secured to the underside of the carrier


When you head out with your dog, the Cockpit delivers the natural geometry and performance that makes the ride so thrilling. The TailBag accessory keeps your dog’s essential gear separate.

This frees up valuable space in your motorcycle luggage – and keeps your gear from smelling like a slobbery fetch toy and kibble!


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