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Sun Protection that Keeps Your Dog Cool and Comfortable

Blond woman poses beside adventure motorcycle with large German shepherd under sun protection on a motorcycle dog carrier

Ultra-lightweight sun protection that shields your dog from the harsh rays without catching wind or blocking airflow.

When we think of ‘extreme weather’, we naturally worry about rain and cold. For that kind of extreme weather, the K9 Moto Rainfly has your dog covered. However, most riding takes place during the warm, sunny days of spring and summer. When extreme weather strikes, it usually comes in the form of scorching heat and a blazing sun.

In these situations, maximizing airflow and ventilation is the single most effect way to keep your dog cool. That’s why we designed the K9 Moto Cockpit as an open-air carrier. It provides maximal ventilation as compared with an enclosed travel kennel-style carrier. Nevertheless, some dogs have short fur or are otherwise more susceptible to the sun’s rays.

In these cases, you need sun protection that shields your dog without inhibiting the airflow that keeps them cool and comfortable.

That’s where the K9 Moto SunShield is an essential piece of K9 riding gear.

Top view of while sun protection on motorcycle dog carrier with German shepherd inside


Sun protection that Doesn’t Block Airflow

The SunShield is designed specifically to block the sun without blocking airflow. That’s why it does not fully enclose the Cockpit. It only covers the top to ensure that air can still pass unimpeded around and through the Cockpit to keep your dog cool.

We use white fabric for sun protection that reflects the rays without absorbing the heat. The ultra-lightweight nylon produces the bare minimum insulation so that the SunShield does not trap heat.

A large, crosswise vent is located at the midsection to improve heat expulsion and prevent wind capture when riding at speed. Nylon webbing along the contours produces a sturdy frame to ensure durability and performance.

German shepherd in motorcycle dog carrier with white nylon sun protection sheet


Easy Installation and Removal

The K9 Moto SunShield easily connects to the Cockpit’s tubular frame with plastic side-release buckles. This makes installation quick and simple:

  1. Have your dog saddle up and strap them in.
  2. Place the SunShield over the Cockpit and secure the straps around the cushioned frame.
  3. Connect the front strap to the back of your dog’s collar.

The strap that connects to your dog’s collar ensures that the SunShield does not pull away and expose your dog’s back to the sun while riding. Just be sure to unclip it before you allow your dog to dismount! Every square inch of luggage space on your motorcycle is precious.

The K9 Moto SunShield comes in a lightweight travel pouch with a buckle-strap so that you can secure it to the outside of the Cockpit when not in use.

Travel pouch with white sheet at velcro top

If you ride in especially hot climates or if you worry about riding with your dog under a harsh sun, the SunShield is essential equipment to ensure a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable riding experience together!

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