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The Minimalist Everyday Accessories that Bring Only What You Need to Thrive

Keychain, leather-free money purse, and mini crossbody bag in pink, purple, and black arranged among tree leaves

Whether hoofing it around town or crossing a continent, your spirit of adventure and these everyday accessories are all you need to thrive.

At RUFFLY, we focus every day (and most nights) to create the most beautiful, durable, and sustainable gear for dogs.

Then, occasionally we get to close the laptops, lock up the workshop, and head out with our German Shepherd Moxie so that she can be the first to test out the gear.

German Shepherd retrieves stick among high mountain landscape

Sometimes during these outings, we actually start to think about our own outdoor and travel needs. And just occasionally we hit upon must-have everyday accessories that are just for us humans.

Sometimes during these outings, we actually start to think about our own outdoor and travel needs. And that’s why we created the everyday must-have Accessories for You collection.

The collection includes:

Matching pink, purple, and black travel and everyday accessories including keychain, wallet, and crossbody bag


Knotted Keychain

The Knotted Keychain gives you a small, practical connection to your dog. Some people like the idea of a collar and matching bracelet, but we think a keychain is much more practical – and goes with every outfit.

10 keychains arranged in a circle of different colors and designs

The keychain comes in the exact same designs, colors, and quality as your dog’s matching collar, leash, and harness. It’s reflective, colorfast, and won’t scratch your dashboard or motorcycle tank.


Woven Change Purse

The Woven Change Purse is for those free spirits who want a slim, colorful, and leather-free way to carry their valuables. The unisex purse/wallet is available in all the same handwoven color designs as your dog’s bed, bandana, and poop bag holder. It also fits perfectly in the TenderPaw TREKKER Bedroll’s secret stash-cash pocket.

Non-leather minimalist wallet in 4 different colorful patterns

The change purse features dual zippered compartments so you can be minimalist and organized. Put your payment cards and driver’s license in one compartment, and your cash, coins, and a flash drive in the other.


Woven Crossbody Bag

The Woven Crossbody Bag is for hoofing around town, through rainstorms, or crossing rivers. It’s a small, lightweight pouch with a roll-down top and a waterproof liner. The minimalist bag features highlighting to match each of the four patterns of your dog’s bed, bandana, and poop bag holder.

Burgundy crossbody bag hands at man’s side

The crossbody bag includes a secondary compartment with an easy access zipper on the side closest to your body. The waterproof liner also features seam-sealed stitching to increase the protection spilled drinks, sudden downpours, and flash floods. Your smartphone and passport will fit beautifully in either compartment.


Knotted Camera Straps

For many of us, no adventure kit is complete without the drone or DSLR camera. The Knotted Camera Strap provides comfort and flare for lugging these adventure down the trail. RUFFLY’s photographer even uses several for carrying her DSLRs, lenses, batteries, and memory cards.

Brown and green reflective camera strap connected to Olympus camera

The camera strap comes in two styles that only differ in width and weight. The Luxe strap is a generous 1 ½ inches wide while the TREKKER is a minimalist ¾ inch wide.

Both straps are built with sturdy, low-stretch nylon webbing that’s reinforced with reinforced stitching. Twelve (12) inches of plush foam padding are stitched into the center and dual, stainless sliders allow you to adjust the length and keep the cushion right where you need it.

The exterior is enclosed in richly textured, naturally dyed cotton fabric. This durable, black textile is same as the handwoven exterior of the change purse and crossbody bag.


We believe in going light, going far, and going sustainably. That means carrying only the few things that are most essential to you and treading with a gentle paw print on the planet.

Leather-free minimalist wallet with credit cards beside matching keychain on tree stump
So, whether you’re hoofing it around town or road-tripping across a continent, you bring the spirit of adventure and RUFFLY provides the gear to make it happen!

We hope you found this detailed gear breakdown helpful. Now, head over and check out our Gear Guide review videos of the Accessories for You and Knotted Camera Straps.

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